3 Day Arts Camp in Zamimpilo

On January 23-25th, 2018 The Big Little Caravan of Joy headed up a 3-day adventure of arts and imagination in Zamimpilo.

The first day saw the kids making an imaginary trip to Kenya for Mama Panya’s delicious pancakes, via a reading by Sussie and Kwanele from the popular book.
They also filled the day with games and songs.
Inspired by the story, the Nunubelles made Mama Panya’s house in 2D while the older kids crafted it in 3D.

On the second day at Zamimpilo, Mzee’s fish came to life through the Nunubelles while the older kids brought forth Mama Panya through puppetry.
The joy when they saw their flexible miniatures was truly magic!

DAY 3 
On the third day, Team Joy read ‘The Gruffallo’, taking the kids on a make-believe bush hike to see the scary creature!
The children loved the story, and kept laughing at how the ‘little brown mouse’ was so smart.

Thanks to Sussie Mjwara for all the photos!

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