Bailey Davis

In her own words…

Bailey Davis has been working for Childhood Now in 3 main capacities since 2012. She is the Executive Assistant to to Nicky Potter–helping with the day to day operations of the charity–as well as being one of the event organizers for the annual dinner fundraiser.

In addition, she is a facilitator and program officer for the Big Little Caravan of Joy and Painted Turtle Arts Programs, and in this capacity has worked both in Africa and in 20 First Nations communities in Northern Ontario as an arts educator.

Bailey first fell in love with the power of the arts at a young age and has been studying dance and drama for over 20 years. In 2010, she received her Honours BA in Classical Art and Archaeology from Concordia University, and went on to pursue a Masters in Art History from the University of Toronto. In addition to her passion for working with children in Canada and abroad, she also runs her own dance studio and is a dance specialist in several schools throughout Toronto.