A SPECTACULAR Painted Turtle Summer!


The Big Little Caravan of Joy and the Painted Turtle Arts Camp’s journey into 8 African countries and 30 Northern Canadian, First Nations Reserves. Since 2006, The BLCJ and PTAC has reached thousands of vulnerable, remote and orphaned children through the language of creative arts and play. By training and hiring regional artists, childcare workers and teachers with a specialized arts-based curriculum, this dynamic program has empowered educators and children world wide.

last summer  the Painted Turtle Arts Camp, an arts integrated educational and cultural program designed for the First Nations children of Ontario and Manitoba, provided a rich and imaginative opportunity for hundreds of happy children. Young participants had the chance to explore and develop their physical, emotional and cognitive capacities while experiencing joyful expression through the creative arts.



Participating in a non-competitive environment where the elements of fun, joy and togetherness were the driving force of this summer program, 480 children from 12 communities had the opportunity to experience drama, dance, visual arts and music activities while being in a summer camp environment.

Cooperative games, dynamic choreography, visual arts projects, a community performance and a variety of songs generated a sense of unity, while at the same time focused on building the child’s creative vocabulary in all of these art forms.

Facilitated by 3 Painted Turtle teams this summer: (Bailey Davis and Damarise Ste. Marie, Sarina Condello and Rivers Wahl and then once again Sarina Condello and Bailey Davis) each group worked hand in hand with Right to Play and 14 community mentors to provide the most efficient and impactful program. Thousands of kilometers were driven across Ontario and Manitoba and many planes were taken to get up to more remote and Northern Communities so that children could participate in a camp that encouraged collaboration, confidence, community and creativity.

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