An African Arts Program Like No Other


The Big Little Caravan of Joy’s arts program is designed to empower vulnerable children in Africa through the natural language of play and the creative arts.

Designed in partnership with local artists and educators, our program combines creative and fun filled activities in dance, drama, visual arts and music which empower, engage and encourage resilience, confidence and joy for each and every child involved. The Big Little Caravan of Joy implements sustainable arts based programs for children led by local artists, educators and community volunteers through the year in schools and daycares. The arts curriculum developed specifically for children also develops, supports and encourages the capacity for cognitive, physical and emotional development.  

The Big Little of Joy’s Teacher Education Program (The Empowered African Child Conference) has trained over 1,000 international artists and educators with a child-centric arts-based methodology in the hope that the arts become a sustainable cornerstone for educational programs in these communities of need. The arts syllabus includes a pedagogical curriculum designed for childcare workers and educators that teaches, trains and models new ways of developing and implementing positive and successful programming in schools or daycares. 

Our program has been implemented in Ghana, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe. 


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