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Take a look at what the Big Little Caravan of Joy and The Painted Turtle Arts Camp have accomplished in 2017! These awesome programs will be continuing in First Nation communities in Canada as well as in communities in Africa. So many children are benefiting in so many ways from this incredible arts-based programming. A big congrats to Sarina Condello and her many teams!

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Huge congratulations to our Big Little Caravan of joy team lead, Sussie on the completion of her continuing education course in storytelling in Cape Town. The photo below is Sussie showing off her storytelling talent, reading the story of the Gruffalo to our group of kids in Christianenburg.

Storytelling is so important for children as they grow. Some of the top benefits are; enhancing verbal proficiency, improving listening skills, encouraging creativity and imagination, sharpening memory, and broadening horizons. Storytelling also enhances academic learning, improves communication skills and can help children face difficult situations with more ease. Way to go Sussie! The kids at Chistianenburg sure love it!

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Youth from Duck Bay attended our first ever PTAACs training in Toronto recently. On Feb. 6th they put on their very first After School Arts Club day back in Duck Bay, and it was a huge success. Tons of smiling, active kids were in attendance. Huge congrats to Tatayna and Kaycee for their leadership. Take a look at these captures to see what they created together.

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On January 23-25th, 2018 The Big Little Caravan of Joy headed up a 3-day adventure of arts and imagination in Zamimpilo.

The first day saw the kids making an imaginary trip to Kenya for Mama Panya’s delicious pancakes, via a reading by Sussie and Kwanele from the popular book.
They also filled the day with games and songs.
Inspired by the story, the Nunubelles made Mama Panya’s house in 2D while the older kids crafted it in 3D.

On the second day at Zamimpilo, Mzee’s fish came to life through the Nunubelles while the older kids brought forth Mama Panya through puppetry.
The joy when they saw their flexible miniatures was truly magic!

DAY 3 
On the third day, Team Joy read ‘The Gruffallo’, taking the kids on a make-believe bush hike to see the scary creature!
The children loved the story, and kept laughing at how the ‘little brown mouse’ was so smart.

Thanks to Sussie Mjwara for all the photos!

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Petronella Manzi, the child activity coordinator for our Christianenberg community tragically succumbed to complications from TB on Dec. 7, 2017. She was a much loved and inspiring member of our community and will be sorely missed. She has left a gap that will be impossible to fill. Petronella’s funeral was on Dec. 16th and was attended by many members of our community, who went into mourning over the Christmas holidays, as per tradition. Our Christianenberg child and youth centre manager, Thabiso made sure to arrange a donation from us to Petronella’s family and also ensured the postponement of the Christmas party and staff appreciation day.

The party was subsequently held on Jan 13th, to great success and joy. A hearty meal and gift exchange was enjoyed by the 100 children in attendance. The kids were also given a food parcel including a chicken to take home for their caregivers at home to cook for a special meal.

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