Our Model

 Watch Bailey Davis introduce the Childhood Now (formally Friends of Noah) model
 at TedX
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Strength of the Model

the community identifies the programs they believe they need, not an outside organization
the model is implemented by the community, for the community
the program(s) are owned by the community
the programs support the health and education services, not replace them


How it Works

Community Council

  • chooses to participate
  • creates a Steering Committee to oversee the entire project
  • establishes a budget and reporting process

Steering Committee

  • comprised of community leaders (local community leaders, community nurse, school principal, keenly interested community members)
  • self-identifies their most pressing needs (within the model)
  • identifies positions that require paid staff and recruits them to implement the model
  • recruits an appropriate number of volunteers to assist
  • works with the Health and Education professionals in the community to support their mission

Staff and Volunteers

  • implement the model

Childhood Now

  • leads training with Community Council, Steering Committee, staff and volunteers
  • assists the Committee, staff and Volunteers to set up and implement the programs
  • provides on-going support such as training, access to expertise, materials, coaching, etc.